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Tolerade 2023 in Dresden | Wild Dance Adventure!

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

So it was just another weekend and I was planning for my trip to Dresden, Germany. Why Dresden? Well, no particular reason compelled me, it was just that it seemed rather easy and convenient for me to travel to Dresden from Berlin with the 49 Euro Deutschland Ticket as compared to something like Munich would be. In fact, I was totally not prepared for what was waiting for me in Dresden.

So I left Berlin around 9 am using the regional express to Cottbus. From Cottbus, I took another RB to Dresden. Sample Itinerary:- (Berlin - Cottbus) (Cottbus - Dresden Hbf)

After arriving in Dresden, I filmed some walking videos of the famous Dresden Castle, Dresden Zwinger, etc. After that, I came across some amazing street musicians so I recorded them and then some more walking video while going to the market area. Then as I was planning to go back since it was an evening I started noticing groups of people gathering around and just chilling 🤔 Also there were trucks standing with large speakers in them and it was written in bold on the "Tolerade 2023", I asked myself WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!? Soon enough loud music started playing and the trucks started to move and people began following it and it was thousands of people gathered by then and it was obvious to me that I need to get my camera out and record this stuff 😊 and so I did exactly that.

This was such an amazing and new experience for me that what I saw and the scale of it was not something I have ever seen in my life. It was literally a WILD experience for me! People were dancing on the roof of the bus stops, on the streets, literally everywhere. Later I read a news article about it and found out that it was a "dance parade" for diversity and tolerance.

There were numerous amazingly talented artists performing from these trucks. I really enjoyed the music and the dance. I probably walked and danced that day for 10 km straight 😮. I was enjoying it so much I never felt tired or enough. What was supposed to be another day where I film a walking tour of the famous locations in Dresden and head back to Berlin, was just transformed into a Dance Adventure that I will probably never forget.

If you were there in Tolderade 2023 in Dresden then you can most likely find yourself in my videos even if you missed it or you just want to experience this wild parade sitting in some other part of the world, don't worry I'm here to provide you with that experience in 4K just like you were there! I have created this playlist on Youtube:-

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Thanks for reading it till the end, See you in the next one, Peace ✌️ 💜


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