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How to reach Mittenwald from Berlin with the 49 Euro D-ticket

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Austrian Countryside near Mittenwald
Austrian Countryside near Mittenwald

The 49-euro ticket has been a success since it went on sale. In Bavaria, the number of passengers on buses and trains increased by 10 percent in May. Deutsche Bahn has already sold 1.3 million subscriptions, and more than 9 million passengers across Germany have a

Deutschlandticket. The low price is intended to contribute to the traffic revolution, the aim is to get more people excited about public transport as a cheap alternative to driving.

Well I'm also one of the millions of subscribers of the D-ticket, but in my case, luckily i got hold of it because of my employer :). When i first got my ticket i was not sure where i should travel to with this? I wanted to go somewhere around Bavaria region but couldn't find any connection in google maps or DB navigator, which can exactly point me which regional trains i can take and change to reach let's say something like Munich. I could only see IC and ICE trains which of course if you didn't knew already is not covered under the D-ticket. If you want to travel on IC, ICE, Night jet high speed trains without worrying about buying ticket just like you do on RE or RB with your D-ticket? Then the ticket you need is called Bahn Card 100. You can buy a sample one for three months validity and it will be valid for all high speed trains, local and regional trains, public transports like bus, trams and night trains as well!. You can find more about it here:- But this option is not cheap or budget friendly! But if you are a regular commuter then it might be worth considering instead of buying tickets for each journey.

Anyway coming back to "How to reach Mittenwald with a D-ticket from Berlin".

Ok so it took me some time to figure out that it's definitely possible to reach these place in south of Germany and even further but you have to be willing to switch trains every now and then. So first step break down your journey into smaller trips of 2-3 hours duration train rides and locate possible stops along the way to switch the trains. Because in my experience these regional trains don't cover very long trip. So to reach Mittenwald you need to first reach Munich and to reach Munich we need to first reach Nuremberg. To reach Nuremberg we need to reach Dresden first. To reach Dresden we need to reach Cottbus. This is one example route to reach, there are other stops which can also be used while travelling from Berlin, but in the route above we are picking the most active and popular stations as our stops. After you reach Munich there is a direct train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. From there you need to take a Bus to Mittenwald. All these public trainsport are covered under your 49 Euro ticket. Let's say you leave on Friday evening after work, you will be able to reach Dresden by the night and you can stay the night in Dresden.

Next day take the RE to Hof and switch to Nuremberg. After reaching Nuremberg, there is a direct train to Munich. You will reach Munich during Lunch time. Enjoy Munich that day and stay the night in Munich. Next Morning you can take your first train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen from Munich, this will be around 1 hour journey. Then from there take a Bus to Mittenwald which will take around 30 mins. Now you can enjoy Mittenwald during the day and enjoy the view with Sunlight falling on Snow covered Mountains in the backdrop.

You can also cross Germany and enter Austria by a Mountain Bike or a city bike fairly easily by just renting a bike from the shops near the Mittenwald Bus stop and just go wherever you wanna go. The starting price for a mountain E-bike is 40 Euro per day.

Sample Itenary:-

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